Energizing Workplaces through Cultural Transformation

Culture Summit and GIWA is a premier knowledge-exchange platform that brings together Culture Champions to share ideas, information and solutions around the framework and key developments that would shape the Workplace Culture of the Future

Key themes to be addressed, but not limited to:

Discover latest tools, techniques and trends to help you build a thriving Workplace Culture

Examine the journey of Successful Workplace Culture Transformation

Learn how innovative an progressive companies are using culture development strategies to increase employee engagement

Brainstorm on emerging thoughts on improving employee experience

Connect with like-minded Culture Champions.

Who Should Attend the Culture Summit and GIWA 2019?


Corporate Culture & Human Resource


Learning and Development


Planning, Change Management


Strategy, Engagement

Innovation and Communication.

Performance Management & Leadership Development

Awards Category For Culture Summit and GIWA 2019?


Mega Enterprises
( Turnover >500 Cr)


Established Enterprises
( Turnover >100 Cr. and <= 500 Cr)


Emerging Enterprises
(Turnover >10 Cr. and <= 100 Cr)


Fast Growing Enterprises
(Turnover >5 Cr. and <= 10 Cr)

Start - ups
(Turnover >=2 Cr. and <= 5 Cr)

Culture Champions

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Why you should sponsor Culture Summit and GIWA 2018?

  • Brand association with Senior IT Decision Makers, CISOs and Influencers via the extensive promotional campaign pre- and post-event
  • Position your company as one of the leading security solution players in the region
  • Meet face-to-face and build connections with a targeted group of qualified end users and decision makers
  • Hold meaningful conversations with potential customers – generous time set aside for networking
  • Secure post show appointments by collecting leads & conducting surveys through the exhibition

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